User Journey

This feature was planned and designed while working at Zoominfo

Intro & problems

When I was first introduced with the feature, who was rephrased as “onboarding”, these problems were brought up:

  • The majority of the users don’t renew after a year of subscription
  • Very low adoption
  • Lack of continuous engagement


After a session of questions and elaborations, I found out that a poorly planned onboarding feature was sunsetted after 2 months on the air, out due to a zero research and understanding the user’s needs and goals.

In order to start mapping the issue, I first

  • Defined initial UX KPIs for the feature scope
  • Scheduled talks with relevant stakeholders to better understand the users and their flows
  • Configured a gradual release mechanism
Process & Opportunities

While talking with C Level personas (L&D, CSMs, Sales, Customer Marketing, SF Admins, and AEs) to understand the various user’s touchpoints alongside the journey, I’ve started mapping with the product manager the big picture.

In parallel with the help of the data scientists, I’ve gathered analytics to understand the behaviors of the different user segmentations.

Lastly, I Defined personas regarding the collected data, to make their voices be heard.

The scope was changed from “onboarding” to a cross-platform holistic user empowering plan, with a full corporation of the product manager, customer marketing, and the L&D team.

The onboarding phase

One of the main personas is an SDR (sales development representative) which spends most of his time finding new prospects.

One of the steps on the onboarding was an immediate value to the user – a quick wizard that reveals, as progressing, more accurate prospects who are being pulled from Zoominfo database.

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