Dorms maintenance app

This project was created as part of a design exercise I was given.

A great residential community provides a variety of amenities and a dedicated staff responsible for its maintenance.

There isn’t always an easy way for community members to report problems to management so they can be resolved quickly.

The Design Process

In this exercise I needed to research, ideate, scope on the main user flows, and plan wireframe and user experience.


I’ve started by having a better understanding of the maintenance & the reporting fields, common issues, the different players and commonly student personas.

Research - Competitive Analysis

First I was looking in maintenance and reporting platforms:

In the maintenance CMMS (Computerized maintenance management system) field, the reporting aspect is suitable for professional maintenance users, but not external users (Fiix, Upkeep, Maintmaster , etc…).


In reporting apps, it’s mostly a quick contact to emergency services with the ability to see what has been reported around the user’s current location.
(Mada, Vic Emergency, Carbyne, etc…).

Then I checked some property management platform and felt this is more what I’m looking for.

These platforms were more or less the same, some with many features, such as an easy lease signature, maintenance, payments, tenants/properties search, and some just focused on several features or a single specific feature.

The social app (Tenant) stood out. Their solution had:

  • A very broad and friendly search feature
  • One-stop-shop for both sides (landlord and tenant)
  • An easy mechanism for inspections / Requests
Research - Personas


Motivation: Passionate about the environment and would like to gain knowledge and skills that would help me make an impact.

Pain points: not enough social life, homesick.


Motivation: I enjoy helping other students with their assignments.

Pain points: I Don’t immerse enough in social/cultural activities, a bit lazy in group assignments.


Focusing on dormitory tenant users, a repeated pain point that raised was a lack of social life, and the willingness to help others.

A goal solution can be a maintenance app social when tenants in the dorms help each other. This will be an icebreaker for the users and take some of the burdens off of the maintenance personnel.

User Flows

There are two user types: the reporter and the helper (while each user can be both).


The home screen is a community feed, showing help requests, dorms messages, and more. The user can browse the feed and find relevant issues.


The user can report any maintenance issue, regarding indoor/outdoor and elaborate with more details.


The user can track her/his open issues and see estimates and/or chat with relevant helpers via the app.

Scaling up, some enhancements might be:

  • A scoreboard ranking the top helpers (maybe with a financial reward)
  • A notification center for maintenance messages
  • And more..
HL Concept Wireframes

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