Navigation enhancements


The platform navigation was designed 3 years ago and in the past year, many features were added. I decided to replace the UX and UI infrastructure so it would be scalable and easier to navigate.

Here you can see the evolution of the design relied on the user testing and requests from the users.

I tried various approaches with the new design, aiming to reduce the height of the old design, making the accounts and campaigns navigations more intuitive and clear. Another issue was the endless reports list which now is more accessible (a tremendous list of optional reports views was redesigned). CTA were batched into logic groups. Another aspect was screen sizes; the interface is more fluid and adjusts to different views.

I divided the deployment into phases, so active users won’t get confused with a whole new interface. Every couple of sprints another change was released to keep it gradual. There are more to go, and I continue to check changes in user activity and engagement.

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