Lookalike Audiences

What’s the story?

The Lookalike feature was requested by the majority of Outbrain’s customers in our routine product surveys. There were a lot of constraints and this is where it started to be interesting.

Lookalike was one of the first pixel-driven features. One of the concerns was should it be divided to a separate area in the dashboard or integrated into the Report section.

Considering scalability on the one hand and easy user flow on the other one, I created the main flow on these two different routes, and with some assistance from marketing, I decided to go with a new section.

I wanted to simplify as much as possible the creation of the lookalike segment. On the way, I wanted to delight the user with some homemade animation on the creation process. Many tests were conducted to validate the creation-targeting flow until we reached satisfaction.

Click on the image to view prototype

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